Setting up Your Custom Domain on Magic Pages

Last updated: 06 December 2023

Setting up a custom domain for your Ghost CMS website on Magic Pages is a simple and straightforward process. While we love our free "" subdomains, using a custom domain gives your website a more professional feel.

Adding or updating your custom domain only works if you've upgraded your trial to a paid plan.
  1. Log into Your Ghost CMS Website: Navigate to and log into your admin panel. In the left navigation panel, go to the "Customer Portal".
  2. Access the Domain Settings: Click on the "Domain" tab. Select "Edit Domain" to enter your new custom domain.
  3. Enter Your Custom Domain: Make sure you have already registered the domain you want to use. Enter the domain name (e.g., and click save.
  4. Update Your DNS Records: A list of DNS records will appear. Head over to your domain provider's website to update your DNS settings.
  5. Activate Your Domain: Once you've added the DNS records, click "Activate Domain" to initiate the verification process. Magic Pages will verify the DNS settings and configure your Ghost website to use the new domain.
  6. Email Newsletter Configuration: To send newsletters from your custom domain, you need to verify the domain. Scroll down on the domain page and follow the instructions to add the required DKIM records to your DNS settings. This verification ensures your emails are not marked as spam.

Important Note

Not all DNS providers support CNAME records for the root domain. If your provider does not, consider using services like Cloudflare or for more control.

For further assistance, send an email to or use the live chat in the bottom right corner.

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