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Last updated: 12 October 2023

In this tutorial, we are diving deeper and focusing on the features section of the Kyiv theme, providing a unique touch to your service or product's selling points.

You can find the finished site on the theme's demo website: https://kyiv.magicpages.co/

A Brief Overview

The features section, as I like to refer to it, is essentially a list of unique selling points or highlights that you want potential customers to know about your services or product.

This section is designed to draw attention and convey to your audience the benefits and standout characteristics of what you're offering.

Utilizing the Homepage Settings

On closer inspection of the homepage settings in the design setting's sidebar, you'll find options for the "features title" and a "feature subtitle".

For instance, consider a fictional character - Olena, our content repurposing specialist. Her unique selling proposition might be her distinctive approach to content repurposing. The homepage setting would then display a title like "My Unique Approach to Content Repurposing" followed by a descriptive subtitle.

In your case, you should try to find a title and subtitle, of course, that resembles what you're trying to convey here.

Adapting Content to Fit Your Needs

As you may have noticed, changing the "features title" or "features subtitle" does not automatically make the features section appear.

To have the features section displayed prominently on your homepage, you need to move away from the design settings and navigate to "posts" within your Ghost admin panel.

Within the realms of Ghost, this is generally where new blog posts or newsletters are created. But in the context of the Kyiv theme, it also serves as a platform to manage your unique selling points or features. Essentially, each feature box that you see on the page is represented as a post.

Creating a Feature Post

To add a feature or unique selling point, simply click on the "new post" button. You can then input a title, for instance, "Craft the Strategy", and proceed to fill in the description.

Then, to display the post in the features section, open the sidebar in your editor and add the tag "features". This will hide this post from your blog and author pages, and only make it visible in the dedicated section on the home page.

The flexibility of the Kyiv theme allows you to mould the content according to your requirements. Whether it's the steps in a process, types of training you offer, or unique selling points – the choice is yours.

Number of Feature Posts

In my personal example, I am using three feature posts. However, you can technically create as many as you want. I would recommend you to always generate them as a multiple of three. However, the choice is entirely up to you.

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