How Can a Lifetime Offer for Ghost CMS Hosting Be Sustainable?

Last updated: 08 December 2023

Magic Pages offers a monthly, a yearly, and a lifetime plan for our Ghost CMS hosting. I am often asked how the lifetime offer can be sustainable, so let's dive into it:

  1. Partnership with Server Providers: Magic Pages uses a server provider that offers lifetime deals on second-hand servers. The hardware is still incredibly powerful, especially for a content management system like Ghost. These savings are then extended to our customers. The usage of second-hand server is also a contribution to sustainability and greener web technologies​​.
  2. Cost-Efficient Operations: I have been eliminating overhead where possible – no extravagant office space, no team (hi, just Jannis here 👋), and no investor obligations​​. Most third-party tools I use (for customer service, deploying Magic Pages's infrastructure, etc.) are hosted on Magic Pages infrastructure without additional cost.
  3. Limited Email Usage: All plans include a limited amount of email newsletters every month. Additional emails cost $5.00 per 10,000 emails. This limitation is enough for most smaller publications, and also ensures that high email usage is fully sustainable.
The "lifetime" in Magic Pages's plans refers to the product's lifetime. As long as Magic Pages operates, the service will be available without forcing upgrades or plan changes, unless needed for expanded features like higher email sending limits​​.

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