Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Magic Pages's commitment to reliable Ghost CMS hosting

Magic Pages provides a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for all monthly and yearly Pro plans. Essentially, Magic Pages guarantees that your Ghost CMS website hosted on its servers will have a minimum uptime of 99.9%, excluding specific exceptions like planned and emergency maintenance, or any uncontrollable events (force majeure).

This SLA does not apply to lifetime or Starter plans. The terms of this agreement may be updated periodically at Magic Pages' sole discretion. The latest version is always accessible at


Magic Pages ensures that websites on its monthly and yearly Pro plans will be available 99.9% of the time each month. Uptime is calculated by the following formula:

Monthly Website Availability (minutes) * 100 / Total Minutes in the Month = Uptime Percentage

For example, if your website experiences a downtime of 30 minutes in a month with 31 days:

44,610 minutes (uptime) * 100 / 44,640 minutes (total) = 99.93% uptime

Exceptions to SLA Coverage

To maintain and improve website availability, Magic Pages may perform:

  • Planned Maintenance: Scheduled maintenance announced at least three days in advance or coordinated directly with you.
  • Emergency Maintenance: Unscheduled maintenance necessary to safeguard the security or integrity of the Magic Pages services.
  • Ghost CMS Updates: As Ghost releases new versions weekly, Magic Pages implements these updates as quickly as possible, which may cause brief downtimes. These are not covered by the SLA.

Both planned and emergency maintenance, along with force majeure events, are excluded from the uptime calculation.

Credit for Downtime

Should the availability fall below 99.9% in any given month, Magic Pages offers a credit of 5% of your monthly fee for every full hour of downtime beyond the guaranteed uptime. For those on yearly plans, the credit is calculated based on the monthly equivalent of the annual fee.

To claim a credit, please send a brief email to

Credits are issued based on Magic Pages monitoring and are capped at 100% of your monthly (or its yearly equivalent) subscription fee.

Example of Credit Calculation

If your site was unavailable for 3 hours in a 31-day month:

  • Total Minutes in Month: 44,640
  • - Acceptable Downtime: 45 minutes (0.1% of total minutes)
  • - Actual Downtime: 180 minutes
  • - Excess Downtime: 135 minutes (or 2.25 hours)
  • - Credit: 3 hours of excess downtime * 5% = 15% credit

Why Is the SLA Not Available on Lifetime Plans?

Lifetime plans are designed to provide long-term access to Magic Pages's services at a one-time cost. They are directly targeted at users who prefer a one-time investment. However, extending an SLA to these plans presents pratctical challenges.

Technology and business environments are always changing. Committing to a lifetime SLA is unsustainable as it's impossible to predict future operational and maintenance needs.

Monthly and yearly plans, with recurring revenue, allow Magic Pages to adapt to changes in technology and market conditions, ensuring that a service level agreement can also work in 5 or 10 years.

This doesn't mean that Ghost websites on lifetime plans are "worse" in any way. They are built on the exact same hardware and chances are, you're getting the same uptime availability as subscription-based plans. Magic Pages's goal is always to maintain a high-quality service across all plans, so that even without a formal SLA, you'll have a smooth experience.

Why Is the SLA Not Available on Starter Plans

Starter plans are tailored for users with basic hosting needs and are priced accordingly. While these plans run on the same high-quality hardware and infrastructure as Magic Pages's Pro plans, the revenue from Starter plans primarily covers the basic costs of hosting and maintenance.

Allocating resources for the extensive monitoring, incident documentation and resolvent, as well as the detailed reporting required by an SLA would be impractical within the pricing model of these plans.

Similarly to lifetime plans, chances are that you're getting the same uptime availability as Pro plans, since Magic Pages is committed to delivering reliable service across all plans.