Export of Media Files

Last updated: 15 March 2024

Update, 15 March 2024: The export function for all media files stored in the Magic Pages content delivery network is now available. Simply head to the customer portal inside your Ghost website, click on "Support & Backup", and request an automatic backup.

Transferring a Ghost CMS website from one hosting provider to another shouldn't be a hassle. That's why Ghost includes options to simply export and import content.

This works well for the content and settings of a Ghost site, however, these exports do not include media files (uploaded images, videos, files, etc.).

To give all Magic Pages customers better control over their data – and in this case, specifically their media files – we want to add an option to export all media files hosted by Magic Pages' content delivery network to our customer portal.

Built by Magic Pages customers

Magic Pages is proud to have helped so many amazing publications come to life. Here is a small selection of what our customers built on Magic Pages.

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Ellie Mathieson

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Big Idea Bible

Personal Blog
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