Released Customer Portal v2.1.0

Last updated: 02 March 2024

We have released v2.1.0 of the Magic Pages customer portal. The changes include:

✨ Updated authentication mechanism

The previous authentication mechanism relied on the usage of local storage inside a browser. While this worked for most of our customers, some reported issues with specific browsers. Additionally, there were problems for customers hosting multiple Ghost CMS websites on Magic Pages.

We have changed the authentication mechanism in our customer portal to not rely on locally stored data, such as cookies or local storage.

🔨 Reverted DNS records for custom domains to A Record

With the introduction of v2.0.0 of our customer portal, we changed the necessary DNS record for custom domains to a CNAME property.

The idea was to make the process less technical and more straight-forward. We have missed, however, that CNAME DNS records on a root domain are not allowed. While some domain registrars still accepted the DNS records, many did not.

We therefore reverted these changes and continue to use A Records for custom domains.

🐛 Small bug fixes

Several small bugs were included in this release.

Built by Magic Pages customers

Magic Pages is proud to have helped so many amazing publications come to life. Here is a small selection of what our customers built on Magic Pages.

Screenshot of Ellie Mathieson's website

Ellie Mathieson

Digital Storefront
Screenshot of Big Idea Bible

Big Idea Bible

Personal Blog
Screenshot of Bento


Ghost Theme